No matter the situation, genuine kindness saves the day!



  1. Halloween and Christmas decorations at the same time are strange bedfellows, but they reveal a message.
  2. The rebirth that Christmas signifies is attended by an attitude of kindness.
  3. Kindness can always be brought to bear in even the most unlikely situations.


In response to seeing a strange combination of Halloween and Christmas yard decorations on a recent walk, and not understanding the logic, I decided to make up my own story about why one would combine those two holidays. Halloween is a contraction for Hallowed Evening since the next day is All Soul’s Day, believed in ancient times to be when the “veil between living and dead” was thinnest: and thus, we associate it with death. Christmas, of course, is just the opposite so I decided this strange set of decorations, for me, signified the passage from death (being asleep to our true nature) via Halloween to the rebirth of the awareness of our True Self celebrated this time of year.


Since a sure and guaranteed step to waking up to our brilliant and eternal birthright is practicing kindness to ourselves and all else, I’m including a wonderful story of a young man I met in my early days of teaching here in Florida and his remarkable and earnest dedication to practicing kindness in every way possible, no matter the cost. You’ll smile when you hear his kind, and definitely unique, solution to a problem that would normally be seen as “unsolvable” without using force or discrimination. I lost track of him when he moved away many years ago, but I’m confident that his inclination to reach out to his fellow man has only grown in all this time.

So here’s to kindness as it blossoms forth in all of us!

With love and peace,


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