Know Thyself: The Way of Peace and Happiness


Key Takeaways:

  1. The small body/personality thing you think you are is fake. You are amazingly and eternally much more!
  2. As we change the beliefs about ourselves and life to accurate and loving ones, experience changes - guaranteed.
  3. Remember - to reach a goal, one must be on a path toward it, not wandering aimlessly.

The Light-filled Essence

Today’s message does double duty. It’s a preview of coming attractions for the Pure Presence conference noted in the notice below and helpful hints to consider beginning now. This message will fall on deaf ears of most of mankind, but not on your’s since you are reading this. There are no accidents. Once again, all wisdom teachings assure us that the sense of separate self, ego, “virtual self,” body/personality is not the final word about what we actually are. WE are vastly and indescribably more and we have the right to access that experience of joy, love, and light that we are this very second. WE are not failing to experience our joyful, Light-filled essence because we are wrong, undeserving or being deliberately left out, but because we do not have accurate information about how to experience our Essence. It’s like going on a journey following a map that is entirely unrelated to the terrain that must be covered to reach the goal. The goal and how to reach the goal must match.

Do Your Choices Bring Your Peace?

To do this we must “recalibrate” our beliefs about life and ourselves to fit the actual facts. Now they are at odds. First, we must be open-minded enough to explore and consider the possibility that we are far more than we imagine. Then we must follow a way of being that heads us in the direction of the goal, not away from it. BE willing to question everything that you have taken for granted, asking “who granted it and did they know what they were talking about?” Most importantly, do your choices bring you peace? If not, it’s back to the drawing board, not for punishment but for a change of mind and direction. And the big change of mind is from seeing/believing the guilt in one’s self and others to steadfastly insisting on looking for the innocence and goodness in all. With every choice to see the best in others, we anchor our awareness into our own goodness and inherent value. Stay on that one path and you will make that recalibration from a fearful and/or unsatisfactory life to one that now can only be imagined. Safety, joy, and deepest peace is your inheritance. Now is the time to claim it.



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