Let’s form a conspiracy - to join and heal, not hate and separate!


Key Takeaways:

1) A conspiracy doesn’t mean something evil or wrong, it means "breathing together," to agree.
2) Therefore, we can conspire to join in healing, loving, and being helpful - our greatest need.
3) “Bad behavior” on someone else’s part is a desperate call for help so let’s agree to offer it!

The Meaning of Conspire

Unless you live in a cave somewhere, you can’t help but note that the world is awash in conspiracy theories of one kind or another. Although we normally use that word to indicate something evil, criminal, or underhanded, the word does not inherently mean that. It simply means “breathing together” or agreeing with one another on any given topic. Therefore, we would be wise to conspire on behalf of healing, joining, being helpful, releasing our respective notions of guilt, and fear. In particular we want to jointly agree that no one is guilty and requiring punishment, but mistaken, afraid, and/or misinformed.

The Mirror and the Mercy

Remember, the deep fear that plagues everyone, whether we are conscious of it or not, is that we are guilty of destroying our own basic innocence, and with it, our right to a loving, safe, and deeply satisfying life. The release of this guilt is what life is all about so that we can enjoy the amazing peace and joy that is already ours, but unavailable as long as guilt is present. Therefore, when you see groups or individuals “behaving badly” according to your particular notion of right/wrong, remember the world is your mirror and you are seeing exactly what you accuse yourself of so that you can make a merciful correction about yourself.

Since we are all actually One, whether we recognize that or nor, all are served when we decide to “breathe together” with good will and understanding, so let’s make that our gift to ourselves for the holidays.

Sending you every blessing,
Carol and Robert



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