Our life experience follows our precise instructions - instruct wisely!


Key Takeaways

  1. Both 3-D printer and daily life require instructions that we must provide. 
  2. What we pay attention to, resist, value, and more comprise our daily “instructions". 
  3. You can’t diminish your power so use it wisely

Lessons From The 3D Printer

What can we possibly learn from a 3D printer?  I trust something very important. As you probably know, they are not really printers in the normal sense of the word, but a manufacturing device for constructing three-dimensional objects. They are truly amazing - you input all kinds of material: wood, plastic, rubber, wax, resin, metal - and even human tissue: bones, blood, various cells and out comes the desired finished product.  But how does the printer  know what item to produce?  The key would be precise instructions since it can manufacture basically anything, but has no capacity to make decisions.

So this closely resembles our situation.  We are inherently a vast creative presence and what gets created, what shows up as all the details of our daily life experience - both visible and invisible, depends solely on the instructions, the blueprint, we give this vast, inner creative ability.  And those instructions, as I’m sure you know by now, refer to where we place our all-powerful attention.  What we focus on, desire, think about, pay attention to, resist, value, and more, provides the comprehensive set of instructions for bringing our worlds into being.  (There are as many worlds as there are aspects of life doing the creating.)

Giving Helpful Instructions

Since both printer and people are following their respective inner instructions for bringing into form, clearly we have to be specific and knowledgeable about how we instruct in order to experience the desired outcome!  Obviously, the most crucial “instruction” for the experience you deserve is the desire to see the actual innate innocence in yourself and everything in place of projected guilt and wrong-doing.  It’s hard for us to grasp the power we are, and are wielding, so keep in the forefront of your mind that loving, generous, helpful thoughts and intentions toward yourself and others or hateful, belligerent, judgmental ones - your “instructions” - will always be followed down to the last detail to create your daily life.  You’re in charge!

With love to all,

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