With love as your foundation for living, you’re on solid ground!



1) Beware building anything - from houses to lives - on a faulty  foundation
2) We create an insubstantial foundation when lives are based on fear and guilt
3) WE can “rebuild” whenever we choose when we trade fear for love - always our choice


Here’s a cautionary tale for you - a solid, reliable foundation for life is essential for safety, success (in all areas - tangible and intangible) and  general peace of mind.  So without that foundation, things don’t work out so well.  Several decades ago, the largest sinkhole event witnessed by man caused by natural conditions occurred here in suburban Orlando a few miles from where I live.  Sinkholes are caused when the soft limestone is steadily eroded and large underground caves are created.  As the caves increase in size, the support for the surface disappears and the land with anything built or growing on it, disappears into the hole that’s caused. This huge acre-wide hole, ultimately 90 feet deep, swallowed up a 3-bedroom home, many huge trees, the community swimming pool, businesses, cars, trucks, chunks of streets and more.  A hollowed-out foundation proved disastrous!


So how about us?  If we build our lives on the foundational assumption that we are small, unimportant, unloveable, and without power to affect the quality of our lives, watch out! Since the focus of our attention - our thoughts, desires, beliefs, both conscious and unconscious - is creating the foundation for the circumstances of our lives, moment by moment, this is a crucially  important topic.  When what we attend to is fear-based, unloving, and judgmental, we are steadily undermining (note that word!) the possibility of a happy, fulfilling life and we can hardly feel supported and safe. So, of course the opposite is true.  Steadily change your mind and attention to a more loving, accepting way of life and experience the opposite - more guidance, more solid support, more peace!


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