Love is always Love, no matter the form it comes in!


1. We presume that because we are “human and make mistakes” we are no longer Love itself.
2. Just as gold is still gold when fashioned into jewelry, we’re still Love when appearing as “separate people.”
3. To become more aware of the Love that we are, look for it and offer it everywhere.


Today I want to have a little chat about jewelry. So now imagine this scenario. A man enters a shop bearing a “Goldsmith” sign. It is, of course, a jewelry store filled with a lovely selection of gold bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. He looks around and then inquires about where he will find the gold. The shopkeeper, with a perplexed look, says, “Well, look around - it’s everywhere in here.” Our shopper says, “No, I’m looking for gold and this is jewelry, not gold.” No matter how bizarre the statement, he sticks with it - gold is gold and jewelry is jewelry. Knowing that the jewelry is made of gold, no matter the shape into which it is fashioned, we naturally label him as crazy. Gold is still gold. The designer takes pure gold, “sees” in her mind the shapes for various items, proceeds to take those invisible ideas and turn them into physical forms.


This is perfectly obvious and reasonable when it comes to jewelry, but we have lost our minds when it comes to our very own selves. Although we appear as separate forms - things, people, situations, and more, we are still only pure love. Just as the jeweler begins with invisible design ideas for shaping the gold, the energy of love itself pours through the invisible “designs” created by beliefs, thoughts, presumptions, fears, and ends up shaping what we call a world of form. But just as gold remains gold, no matter the designed object, everything remains the Presence of Love no matter the forms/situations that make up our so-called bodies and exterior lives.

The purpose of all valid spiritual traditions is not about learning facts intellectually, but practicing a change of mind about what we value, where we place our all-powerful attention, and how we relate to and treat all things, people, animals, situations and ourselves. We experience the Truth that love is our core and substance, regardless of shape/form, by actually loving - by looking for, offering, magnifying the importance of, and presuming that love is all that is.


One major objection you might have is that “some things and people are just not lovable.” For your own precious sake, now is the time to re-think that statement. Remember that no matter the form a thing or a person’s looks, behavior, or words may take, the essence is still only love despite your inability to see that. Gold jewelry always remains gold, and everything you see always remains love. Your life will become more beautiful, safe, and rewarding when you are determined to see that, in fact, nothing but love is going on in your life. Let’s not be crazy like the guy who can’t get it that gold jewelry is made of gold regardless of form! Everything is love regardless of form!

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Many blessings to all,


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