Your world is a “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” What is it telling you?



  1. Every mirror does nothing but reflect.
  2. The world we experience is a mirror providing a reflection, a diagnostic, an MRI, a replica - in form - of our mind’s contents.
  3. Change your thought patterns and change that experience.


I’m sure you all remember the famous fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and notably the “wicked stepmother” with her magic mirror of whom she asked, “Who is the fairest of them all?” To which the mirror replied, “You’re the fairest in the land!” and the stepmother was satisfied for one more day. Then, to her horror, one day the mirror announced that she had been replaced and another was the fairest of them all. The stepmother was infuriated that her specialness had been denied by some upstart.
The rest of the tale continues but we will stop here with the mirror.


We, of course, think it preposterous that she should ask a mirror, of all things, to validate her worth. But wait - we do this all the time when we expect the world of form to do anything more than reflect - just like a mirror, which it is. We have learned that we and the world are two separate things and that our job is to learn to negotiate with it to assure our safety and happiness. Such is not the case. Actually, we and our world are one and the same, which puts the power in our own hands and not that of an uncaring world.


Therefore, rather than trying to control the world, which includes absolutely every form you can conceive of, simply say “yes” to whatever is occurring since it’s the reflection of your current state of mind and beliefs. To upgrade that state of mind, try this: Rather than resisting what you do not like, desiring what you do not have, or clinging to what you fear to lose, just stop and regard everything you become aware of with love and acceptance, no matter what it is. Simply stop judging everything and watch what happens. You’ll be very happy with the results. Remember, an open and loving state of mind reflects, or shows up, as a highly supportive, friendly, and rewarding world. The only thing you will lose is your fear.  

Happy practicing!!
Carol Howe


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