My Thanks-Giving For You: Let Us All Heal the Hurt Behind Our Addictions!


Greetings to all of you,

As we are winding up this Thanksgiving weekend and moving into the Christmas holiday -all in the context of unparalleled medical and political crisis, - feeling more lonely or uncertain than ever would be most understandable. And, of course, more distress usually leads to increased self-medication by whatever means are available/acceptable to take attention off one's emotional state. A strategy almost everyone has learned that actually makes things worse, not better!

Since self-medication/distraction does not solve the real problem, but prolongs it, we want to offer you a valuable healing opportunity. Many years ago I wrote a book entitled Healing the Hurt Behind Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors. A long title but with powerful and important information. In addition to providing little-known information, I include interviews with many people, all recovered from different kinds of addictions, and I'm positive you will strongly identify with one or more of them.

Our signature online course See How Life Works would also be an excellent addition to your journey. This truly unique 8-section online course covers all the basic and advanced understanding you need to know about the true origin of loneliness/lack of safety and precisely how to regain your sense of power to move toward a much more fulfilling and rewarding life. As a plus, we guarantee this to be the most entertaining "self-discovery” program on the planet. To make this even easier for you, we're making SHLW available at a 20% discount when you use the coupon code HEALHURT.

Radical though this may seem, I hope you will choose to see this time of greater isolation as a potential gift – a time to discover how to face and discard old hurts, change your mind in ways that allow more peace, and approach your daily life with more trust, confidence, and good will than ever before. Truly a time of liberation!

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 With love and peace to all,
Carol Howe and Robert
 Hess, Co-Creators of See How Life Works


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