My Thoughts On The 2017 Election

Hi my dear ones,

It’s so important for us to connect on a day like this when so many seem literally to be in shock. I was out running some errands earlier today and it was very quiet and subdued everywhere like no one knows what to do or say. Also, someone wrote me early this morning to make a private appointment since, as she stated, “This election has completely wrecked me and I’m in desperate need of a change in perspective.” And so we are. But first things first. The election has resulted in a complete 180 degree set of emotional responses from joy and elation on one hand to deepest and darkest despair on the other. For those who feel uplifted and excited, do continue to share, expand that sense of good will and wish us all well. For those who are deeply saddened, frightened, hopeless, and/or feeling powerless and furious, those emotions/feelings are now the top priority. Literally, it’s not possible to “think straight” until they are addressed in a helpful and healing manner.

That change of perspective my client so desperately wants and needs requires processing in a certain order. First and essentially, those emotions must be allowed, honored, felt, embraced or any other word that implies fully accepting and deeply feeling them without thinking about or analyzing the election process, which has triggered the response. At this point, thinking about the situation does not help and actually hinders your progress. Although we have learned many false and ridiculous ideas about how to handle, or not, our emotional responses in life, giving them our undivided attention and fully and lovingly experiencing them is the fast track to settling back to a more peaceful place. And only then, is it possible to adopt a more healing and positive perspective. So be very good to yourself, comfort yourself, and ask for help if you need to.

Having lived a long time with a wide range of experiences myself, I can guarantee that when you allow your emotions to fully come to their natural conclusions, you will feel bigger, stronger, brighter, larger, safer, more loving and powerful and more – so what’s not to like about that! The reason that always works is that this long list of attributes is what you actually are and have and your finally discharging the emotions allows these happy facts to come into your awareness. These characteristics are not newly present (they are always with you), but newly available to you.

Once the body chemistry has been restored to some order ( it is seriously disrupted when we are greatly upset), then we can begin to look at the entire situation differently and adopt that more hopeful, loving and confident perspective.

If you are still under way with this deeply healing and necessary process, stop here as that now needs your undivided attention.

If you feel reasonably settled, continue on for some thoughts on what’s actually happening at a more profound, healing level. First, as a different perspective, I deeply believe and it has been borne out in my long experience, that ultimately everything is working for our good and our best interests, both individually and collectively, even though at the beginning we can’t possibly see how that could be. If, with these election results, we are plunging into unknown and uncharted waters, then let’s presume they are taking us to a better place even though how that will unfold remains a mystery. On so many occasions in my life where I have been disappointed at how something turned out, as life progressed I would give great thanks that I didn’t “get my way.” What happened was so much better than “my plan” for my safety and satisfaction. After observing that time after time, it’s safe to say that Life clearly knows better than my ego’s intellectual mind and I have learned to trust that greatly.

Millions of people are “not getting their way” with the outcome of this election and it is bringing raw powerful emotions to the surface so they can be addressed, honored, and allowed to heal. They feel wounded, hurt, left out, ignored and more. Not to mention the fact that so many Trump supporters were feeling that exact way before the election! The collective pain in this country is enormous and has reached the breaking point where it simply cannot be contained and must be addressed. If you have a terrible boil or other sore on your body and it won’t heal, you might have to have it lanced so the pus and other infected material can be released for the wound to heal. This election has lanced those deep emotional wounds for millions and healing is no longer optional, but desperately needed. If this drives us to ask better questions, be more concerned with the welfare of others as well as our own, come together to find unique solutions. honor ourselves and others more, and are steadfast in our trust that Love is underlying and guiding everything, then this will be a marvelous and necessary wake-up call. And as we do heal and our circumstances improve as a result, and they certainly will, we will look back and see this pivotal time as a gift and not a disaster. Easy and comfortable? Absolutely not! Essential and rewarding in the big picture? Absolutely yes!

More later about the details of a changed perspective, our healing and how that is accomplished, but for now rest assured, knowing that a greater wisdom than our ego minds is in charge and that, as A Course In Miracles instructs, a happy outcome to all things is sure.

With love and deepest peace to all of you,
Carol Howe


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