Never forget help is ever-present, tailor-made for you!


Key Takeaways:

1. No matter how it seems, help is always available
2. Cooperate with it by choosing to listen to your “right mind"
3. Remember you deserve help and healing and that will never change

Decades ago a perfect storm of unforeseen circumstances occurred and the frightening result was my three-year old son falling out of the car while it was moving!  This was before passenger doors could be locked from the driver’s door or seat belts that were more kid-proof.  Need I say I was shocked and simply terrified!!  I slammed on the brakes, and as I ran around the back of the car to see what had happened on the other side, my eyes met those of a young man, a stranger, standing across the street.  No one else in sight as we were still inside our residential neighborhood, but only a few yards from the busy intersection I was about to enter.

In about two split seconds, and without a word from either of us, he ran across the street, picked up my son, jumped into the back seat of my car and started softly talking to him and doing what he could to stop the bleeding on his head. Within ten minutes we were at the hospital, and soon my precious little boy was pronounced safe, all would be fine, a cut on his forehead but nothing more serious.  Only with that news, did this young man and I say hello and I inquired as to where he was actually headed before he changed course to come to our rescue!

It turns out he lived only a three or so blocks from our house, but never once - before or after - in the twenty five years I lived there, did I ever see him except that one day when he appeared like magic out of nowhere - an angel disguised as a college student - to bring exquisite comfort and reassurance when desperately needed.  My most fervent desire would be for all of us to know  that help is always present, in whatever form is most needed, but we have to be open to it, to choose as consistently as possible to be in our right minds, to continually reinforce the eternal truth that we are beloved, valuable, and safe.

With many blessings to all,


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