Nurture Your Self Today - You Are The Offspring of Love Itself!


Whether you’re a mother/parent or not, this message is for you.  There is some area of your life where you feel you have not measured up (it doesn’t have to be about parenting) and this is to reassure you that you have not and cannot fail.  Today is a wonderful day to be reminded that no matter your confusion or lack of understanding about how you operate, you only deserve the best.  If we’re “on the planet,” we’re still learning, letting go of misinformation, and growing into the awareness of our true, loving, eternal nature.

Therefore, on this day, treat yourself as would the most loving, accepting, nurturing, understanding, and patient mother.  For, indeed, you are the offspring of Love itself, this IS how you’re being regarded, and it’s our job, collectively, to recognize and accept that.  You can’t fail to measure up to “being YOU.”  You can only close your eyes for a little while and not accept the obvious, but all the while you are being held in the arms of Love itself.  Never forget where you are and what you are.


Carol Howe



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