Pay Attention to the “Stop” Signs!


Key Takeaways

  1. Sometimes guidance prevents a plan rather than facilitating it.
  2. We may never know what was avoided.
  3. Our job is to trust that we are always being directed with our best interests at heart.

When The Doors Don't Open

We talk a lot about guidance because it’s so very important in moving us along a path to peace and happiness. And often in terms of how to pay attention and follow the “breadcrumbs” of "go here, contact this person, say “yes” to this situation, etc.” But, sometimes, guidance prevents us from taking a certain course of action for our own protection and best interests. The “doors” simply will not open. My most dramatic example of this occurred years ago when my son and I were to attend a wedding in Jerusalem and we were stopped at every turn - delayed flight to New York due to severe storms in northeast disabling control towers, next flight out too late, finally moving arrangements to another airline with the necessary baggage shuffling, etc. As we were finally standing in line to board, with our layover time in New York now considerably shorter, the groom (already in New York) called to say that the Israeli airlines, unlike any other airline at JFK airport, closed and locked their gates a full two hours before the scheduled departure time. And under no circumstances whatsoever would they make exceptions. With that information, we knew it was clearly impossible to make it in time to get inside the gate. So we left the line, abandoned the hope of making the trip, and made the arrangements to cancel the flight.

The Safety of Guidance

On returning home, I contacted a very talented psychic woman I talked to occasionally and we had a chat. Before she knew any details, her first words were “Thank God you did not get on that plane!” From her perspective, something most unfortunate would have occurred on the trip. I was concerned that the plane might have crashed, etc. but she indicated the issue was not for the entire group but only for me. I called the groom the next day and and plans were unfolding happily and right on schedule - and continued to do so throughout. And because I listened, all was well with me. Thanks goodness!

Have a wonderful day feeling safe and guided!


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