Happy New Year - Let’s make it more radical than ever!



  1. All our difficulties reduce to one - we live in a hypnotized state!
  2. We are already the solution - we are the love, presence, awareness, and existence that is ALL.
  3. Our calling, and healing, is to cooperate with accepting this truth, being offered to us in every moment.


As we enter a new year, I propose that we be more outrageous and radical than ever before in claiming our place in the “organizational chart“ - namely being at the top as the expression of love, grace, awareness, presence or existence - choose your favorite word!  We are all one loving presence, period.  No degrees, partial awareness, or loving presence yet to come.  It’s all here and now and we are all IT.  Thus, despite what problems and challenges we may appear to have, they all result from one singular cause - living in a hypnotized state.  Clearly then, the solution to any difficulty is to be relieved of the mesmerized state in order to realize what and where we really are.


How do we accomplish this?  A couple of important points to begin.  Since we are, indeed, hypnotized, we can simply ask that any event or situation we encounter -whether “good” or “bad” - be reinterpreted for us by something internal that is not the usual ego mind. We’ll call it your “right (un-hypnotized) mind” to keep it simple.  In other words, we want to see this situation from a different perspective.  Specifically, if we want to continually awaken from the hypnotized state, decide to treat everything, everyone, and yourself as the loving, eternal, aware presence that is the truth of them, you, or it - right now, not later.  The problem is never “ out there,” but with our way of experiencing and now we can allow that to be changed.


One effective way to aid in awakening from the hypnotized state is to practice (not study) the lessons from A Course In Miracles.  To make it as easy as possible for you, I have recorded all the lessons with commentary and you can sign up for them right here. Once you signup, each morning you will receive a daily email that gives you the lesson and my video commentary to start your day off in a radical way.


This is time sensitive so to begin on January 1 with lesson 1 be sure to sign up on December 31!

With love and blessings to all,


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