Reassurance arrives in unexpected forms - in this case, as an owl!


Key Takeaways:

  1. Reassurance of a correct choice is always welcome.
  2. Life can be counted on to send the perfect messenger.
  3. When you’re open to receiving messages, expect the unexpected!

The Felt Power of Guidance

We often talk of the need to follow guidance, which we surely must, so it’s good when reassurance of the correct choice appears, no matter how unexpected the messenger. In this instance, it was in the form of an owl, perched on a low branch (no longer there thanks to living in hurricane country!) close to the house and staring directly at the center of my double front doors. The fascinating part was the rush of gratitude and delight I felt on seeing this bird, sitting there exuding certainty, power, and companionship. I was so excited to see it and also amazed as my response. I have obviously seen thousands of birds in my life, including owls, but never with such a strong sense of connection. This was like a long lost friend appearing at the perfect time offering comfort and confirmation, and remained unmoving for about 45 minutes.

The Inner Messenger

A few days earlier, I had brought a long-term relationship to closure knowing that was the right thing to do - clear guidance about that - and this owl felt like an exclamation point echoing, indeed, the rightness of the decision. Interesting that owls symbolize, among other things, the end of an era and wisdom/prophecy. I did not really feel sad about this, but it did bring a jarring feeling that comes with closing one door in life with a new, as yet unknown one, ahead. But here was confirmation, literally brought to my door. What I find fascinating is that this incident occurred about 13 years ago and in the nearly 28 years I’ve lived in my house, never once before or after that day have I seen or heard a single owl in my yard or neighborhood. It was a very specific message and messenger.

Then a couple of hours before creating this video, I received another very unexpected message from yet another bizarre source. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what!

Have a wonderful day and know you’re always loved and safe,
Carol Howe


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