Regaining Peace - the Foundation for a Happy Life

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Regaining Peace - the Foundation for a Happy Life

Key Takeaways:

1) Peace of mind is our natural inheritance
2) We have learned otherwise, so some “unlearning” is needed
3) You have the solution built into you, which you can regain and keep

We Are In Charge Of The Life We Experience

We’ve all grown up with the holidays presented as the time of great good cheer, merry-making and peace of mind for all.  And for some, this comes to pass, but for others, it’s a challenging time with something less than deepest peace and a sense of being beloved and safe. So we want the holiday message to address the current circumstances of everyone.  And the most important message is that, no matter what you are experiencing now, it can always change for the better. And you are solely in charge of that change.

The 6 Keys To Life Satisfaction

We’ve all been taught that the “outside world” determines our happiness, peace, and safety and that we have to bargain for it and also protect ourselves from all “out there” that would do us harm. Nothing could be less helpful.  We must remember and live from the important principles that:

  1. The circumstances of the “outer life” are determined solely by the attitudes/thoughts/beliefs that make up the “inner life.”  
  2. Those less than loving thoughts/beliefs are the sole cause of our pain, fear, and lack of peace.
  3. The pain must be owned and felt with no blame attached - regarding yourself or anyone else.
  4. As you concentrate solely on feeling how you feel with no internal commentary, your distress will subside and you will feel more relaxed and competent.
  5. Once you feel calm and safe, you can look objectively at the “story” that triggered the pain and let it go. We carry a massive amount of inaccurate and unhelpful programming that is the real cause of our distress and step by step we can release it.
  6. AS you release those pain-inducing  beliefs, you will not project your guilt and distress onto others and “your world" will become a much kinder and more inclusive place as it mirrors your change of mind about yourself and others.

Jump Start Your Peace of Mind

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Happy New Year and much peace of mind to all!

Carol and Robert


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