Responding With Love To All Things Takes PRACTICE...Not Learning!


Key Takeaways

  1. Without practice, a new way of living cannot be firmly established
  2. Without that new way of living, life doesn’t work out well!
  3. You deserve much better than the undisciplined life affords

The Muscle Memory of Love

Practice doesn’t sound like a very glamorous topic, but it surely is important. A major focus of A Course In Miracles, or other spiritual paths, is to practice a new way of seeing, believing, presuming, responding, thinking — you get the picture. The goal is not merely the learning of interesting or inspiring material, but having an entirely different way of living in the world become the default response. This can only happen with repetition and dedication to focusing on the new material; just like an airplane pilot has to endlessly practice “touch and go,” landing and taking off, until it becomes automatic and second nature. The same with many other aspects of flying. The “muscle memory” of what to do under all circumstances has to be built in.

Start with Dedication and Support will Follow

In order to live happily and safely, we have to have a new response become automatic and built in - a response that is loving, rather than fearful, and guided by intuition rather than the ego’s “I want my way; it’s all about me” chant. As we make a commitment to establishing a loving, inclusive response to all situations/people, we are greatly supported in our efforts. The practice is definitely worth the dedication as you will find out as you proceed. Life flows, feels supportive, challenges easier to handle, and more. So do yourself a giant favor and trade in learning for practicing. Not to worry - the learning will not be left out, but will automatically follow the practice!

Happy practicing to all!


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