Resurrection is for all!


Key Takeaways

1)  The story of Easter is the promise of our own “coming back to life."
2)  The steady releasing of our own fear and guilt is the essential process for our resurrection.
3)   Included in the video is a reading entitled “Was there a physical resurrection?"

Happy Easter to everyone - and not just those of you with Christian ties,

That is because Easter is about resurrection, which is not for some, but the ultimate need and process for everyone.  Resurrection means “coming back to life, rising from the “dead,” a resurgence.  And, once we begin to understand how this is essential to each one of us specifically, it will become not just an annual holiday but a daily pursuit. As mentioned in our last blog, this life is a “virtual one,” - the result of the “brain-generated” sense of separate and person self - the ego “story of me.”  So we want to take off the “virtual headset” and move toward a much happier experience.

The releasing of fear and guilt, our process, is the only one that is truly practical, producing change, and shifting the focus of attention.  It facilitates our own resurrection.  As more evidence of the necessity of this shift of attention, in order to reach the happiness and deep peace that is our inheritance, included in the video is a reading of a comment given to Helen a few months after A Course In Miracles was published.  Helen had asked Ken in a casual conversation if he believed there really was a physical resurrection and he wisely replied that she should ask the Source.  She did and this commentary was the result.  I discovered it tucked inside a set of books that belonged to co-scribe Bill Thetford, given to me after his passing.  He had several ACIM sets and these ultimately ended up in the hands of friends.  Obviously, this was very important to him given that there were thousands of pages of all sorts of material at his disposal.

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