Your sense of safety rests in your hands, not another’s!


Key Takeaways:

1)   Cause and effect are always in the same moment, not separated by time.
2)   Change your mind in this moment about yourself and others and you will change your experience.
3)   Be open-hearted, welcoming, present and note your sense of safety.

Where Does Safety Come From?

A lot of folks are feeling unsafe these days and attribute it to all the massive changes occurring both locally and globally.  We’ve been taught that there are forces outside ourselves that we have nothing to do with, can’t control, and our job is try to calculate strategies, forecast the future and make plans accordingly.  If you are feeling unsafe about some aspects of life and this sounds familiar, are these approaches working out well?  Is worrying about what might happen and how you are going to protect yourself from all the unknowns bringing you relief?

Well, here’s what does work. First) Remember this crucially important fact: cause and effect always occur at the same moment.  So if you’re feeling unsafe now, it is not about what might happen later, but the result of the focus of your attention this moment. Second) You have the power and responsibility to place your attention elsewhere.  You can choose to be present and helpful as possible, and most importantly live in an undefended way.  Yes, I know this sounds insane, but here’s the reason.  If you live in a defended state, you’re proclaiming the message to all - “You’re guilty of trying to hurt me or others and I have to protect myself from you.  You’re the villain and I’m the victim!” And the guilt you “see “ in others will be strengthened in yourself.  Since guilt (much of it unconscious) is the real underlying cause of why you feel unsafe, adding more guilt throws gasoline on the fire.

It's Time For Exploration

Rather than attempting to figure this out, just try it.  Decide that going forward you will approach your day in an open-hearted and undefended way (this does not mean you stop wearing masks where appropriate or defy stated laws of this world), signaling to all the silent but all-powerful message, “You’re innocent; I don’t have to protect myself from you and all is well.”  That massively important message of “you have not ruined yourself, you’re not guilty” will make all the difference in the world both to the recipient and to you.  Do not make the mistake of trying to understand universal laws from the perspective of ego-based laws.  Just explore for yourself and see what happens.  No one but you gets to have a vote in this matter.

This is how our world changes - one person at a time choosing again and again - love over fear, openness over defensiveness, and inclusion over division.  And every time you choose this way, you will feel larger, kinder, stronger, and much safer, in that moment.

Sending you much love as you bravely explore a vastly different way to live!


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