You are "A Little Slice Of Heaven"


Key Takeaways

1) What if you lived knowing you are valuable and beloved?
2) You have the ability to claim that for yourself and nothing can stop you.
3) Practice the power of giving Love and Blessing to all and you’ll know you ARE that “Little Slice of Heaven!”

We Can Upgrade Our Programming

My daughter-in-law, who is the mother of my older grandchildren, refers to her daughter as “My little slice of Heaven," which I think is simply adorable and very true. So although most of us were not graced with the excellent parenting this child has experienced, it does not mean that we must do without those advantages. We get to “re-parent. Remember - the past does not exist, is not stored anywhere, and right now is a new, clean moment for starting all over. To do so, it is essential to realize that we are in charge of our experience - we are sending out the signals, so to speak - and thus, we can steadily upgrade our “programming" about ourselves and all things. Life in general, and others in particular, are treating us as we are treating ourselves so we are getting constant feedback about what we actually believe.

The Best Present You Can Ever Give

The fact is that we are each an indispensable, unique, and eternal aspect of All That Is - thus a “Little Slice” or unique outpouring of Love itself. Our job is to live more and more out of this truth. And here is an efficient and effective way to re-program and live out of this truth. The holiday season, considered to be one of “giving,” is a great time to delve into how “giving” actually works. We have believed that giving entails losing or giving up. This appears to be a valid conclusion when related to “tangibles,” but does not apply when considering intangibles. If I hand you an object, then you have it and I don’t. However, if I give you the gift of kindness, understanding, validation, or love, I not only do not lose it, but experience more of that very offering myself! This is fabulous and life-changing news. When we offer the best to others, we are all equal recipients of this loving experience. So presume that everyone is, in reality, that “Little Slice of Heaven,” treat them that way, and you’ll love the result. This is the best present you can ever give to yourself and to the world!

Every blessing,
Carol and Robert


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