So Grateful For YOU!

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So Grateful For YOU!

Key Takeaways

  1. Our gratitude for anything at all increases our sense of wellbeing
  2. Wanting the best for whoever you are dealing with is an uplifting experience for all concerned
  3. Gratitude and loving guidance go hand in hand

Together We Are Truly Home

What a treat to reach out to you!  I’ve surely missed my favorite thing - finding new ways to say the same thing to all of you. :)  Of necessity, my focus has been narrowed to packing, cleaning out, giving all kinds of things away, making all sorts of necessary arrangements, actually moving out here, and more.  But that is about over.  I’ve now been in Denver for 3 weeks, am nearly settled in, and when paintings and photos are hung in their new spaces, it should be complete.  I can still hardly believe I’m really living here permanently and not on a very long visit!

But as feeling at home here deepens, I’ll get back to my favorite thing - finding ever more ways to present the only message in town: you are valuable, beloved, and just have to release guilt and change your mind about yourself and others for this to be a lived reality and not just an interesting idea.  I realize that is a process and not an event so I have lots more to send your way over time that I trust will be helpful in the process.  Therefore, in addition to all the worldly things for which I am grateful, an essential element is gratitude for you and your willingness to see things differently, to practice a change of heart and focus of attention.

Our Most Powerful Gift

No matter how you will spend the day, decide ahead of time that your goal is to bring a sense of good will to everyone you encounter, those you think about, and humankind in general.  Remember everyone is always doing the highest and best of which he or she is capable at any given moment, given their programming and beliefs.  The most marvelous things we all have in common is our ability to change our mindsets when we see the value in so doing and to be grateful for the fact of the underlying innocence and goodness of all things.

Sending you love and best wishes for a joyful day!



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