Stop the Story! - End the Big Lie!



Key Takeaways:

1) Time to discard the totally false story of being a separate small person, unrelated to anything.
2) Next, the big lie about your being guilty and defective has to go.
3) Finally, take the steps of changing your self-description to one that heads in the accurate direction and watch the real truth of you reveal itself!

The Past Has Vanished

I can’t resist taking current slogans and using them for my own purposes. So the story we need to address is the belief that we all are separate persons, basically untethered to anything else, and the big lie is that this person we believe we have become is not so good, in fact, often wrong, bad, and fundamentally guilty (even if that is not conscious). I hereby assert that, in truth, none of this is true. As you are watching this video, you are doing nothing wrong, the past has vanished with whatever may have been said or done earlier, and you can’t possibly be guilty - and yet, we all still believe (that’s the key word) we are. So let’s finally get it that being guilty is a totally false belief we hold about ourselves with no shred of credibility in truth.

You Are Love Itself

To make this a felt reality, we take steps in the right direction, beginning with changing out the false adjectives with which we describe ourselves for more accurate ones. We still think we’re separate persons, but much better ones. AS we ascend the ladder, so to speak, we think more highly of ourselves in an appropriate way. For instance, instead of believing “I’m a worthless, undeserving person,” the change is made by thinking differently about ourselves to, I’m a valuable, honorable, and beloved person" and this finally opens the door to moving from being a “separate person” to the direct experience. Instead of “I’m a loving person,” I’m love itself. Instead of a wise person, I’m wisdom itself. You get the idea. Adjectives change to nouns, persons “having an experience” to being the direct experience itself. So start with the bottom step and begin to regard yourself much more highly “ for no reason,” and steadily you will notice the change in yourself and your quality of life. You are not a story, but Love itself, and you are certainly not guilty, but always totally the innocence inherent in your creation.

Enjoy changing your mind. YOu’ll love not carrying the weight of the inaccurate story and the terrible lie.

Love to all as you take those steps!


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