The Biggest Hoax Is What You Believe About Yourself - Time To Reclaim The Truth!


Key Takeaways

1) The self-concept deceives and tricks us - and thus, is a hoax!
2) Trade in the care and maintenance of this hoax for your heart’s real desire to join.
3) Practice the simply, but powerful, processes of helpfulness and gratitude and feel your experience change.

Approach The Challenge Differently

Before we get started, take deep breath and put your attention right here. At this moment, you’re safe and being specifically thought about and cared for, whether you realize that, or not. Realizing it is the point. Times are weird for almost everyone right now, with all our norms interrupted, the things we've always counted on possibly not available, social contacts interrupted, and few reassuring messages coming our way. Well, let today’s blog be a reassuring message from a different perspective. When life is disrupted, we tend to double down on our known ways of reacting and coping. That is not helpful; we want to approach our dilemma from an entirely different perspective.

Any lack you perceive always has in invisible inner origin, and thus, one you can correct. That inner origin is the accepting as true the assorted “lacks” we fear about ourselves, all bundled up and called the ego mind, the self-concept, the personal self. By whatever name, it is a hoax. A hoax is defined as “an act designed to deceive or trick, either as a practical joke or a serious fraud.” Or I would add not only an act but beliefs that deceive.

Change Your Focus & Your Experience Changes

More powerful than merely thinking about all this is acting/focusing differently. I’m asking you to trust that if you change the focus of your attention, you will have a different experience. So practice these two very familiar ideas:

1) Find one or more people, animals, causes, or situations where you can offer help and totally invest your attention in that helpfulness.

2) Look in all areas of your life for things to be grateful for. Focus on them.

We’ve all heard about these simple ideas for years and now is the time to actually practice. Presume that your well-being depends on it. This practice of taking your all-powerful attention off the “hoax” about you, and placing elsewhere will change the way you feel. And that can assure a better experience now - the only moment that counts!

With love to all of you,


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