The "Diet" Of Wholeness: Change Your Recipe and Release The Unhelpful Additives and Preservatives :-)

Key Takeaways

  1. Most of us know that food is better without additives and preservatives. So too, people are better off without defenses and pretenses.

  2. You don’t need to be “improved,” just liberated from false ideas about yourself.

  3. Say “no” to the artificial learned additions and “yes” to being truly you!

The Recipe For Our Experience 

I love getting to join with you to serve up some important lessons that we all can digest.  And speaking of digesting :) - on a recent flight, as usual, they offered the the typical crackers, cookies, chips, and more.  I couldn’t help but notice that all these items were the same brand names, logos, and product shapes I remember from childhood. But here’s the difference. They certainly don’t taste the same.  Over the years, more additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients have been added, presumably to cut costs and increase profits. 

So how is this information helpful to us in our quest for peace of mind?  We’ve added something artificial to the beloved, eternal brilliance of our own Presence.  And it all occurred not to increase profit as with food-related corporations, but to keep ourselves hidden and safe from what we fear will be humiliation or rejection. We’ve added “preservatives” - habits, beliefs, stories - with the attempt to be safe and “additives” that we have presumed will make us more desirable and able to function in the world. In fact, we don’t need “preservatives” or “artificial anything at all” because we’re already safe and beloved, but that will not be our experience as long as we cherish our defenses. 

Getting Back To Our Core Ingredients

So follow this logic - we greatly enjoy and appreciate food that is fresh, unadulterated, and good for us.  Notice, too, the pleasure we experience around very young children who are not yet fully defended and trying to be okay. They are authentic, present, spontaneous, and adorable as they explore their worlds with delight - a delight that is not caused by the exploration but that is innate and expressed in that exploration.  

Now here’s the good news. That same authentic beautiful presence, in no possible need of being “new and improved,” is still available as you when you let go of the learned “additives,” the defenses against getting close to others that serve only to frighten and limit.  So the next time you read “new and improved” on the product box, let it remind you of two important facts  -you cannot be improved because the Presence you actually are is already perfect, eternal, infinite, and precious.  How in the world are you going to “improve” infinite and eternal?  Our job is to have the courage to claim this wondrous statement about ourselves and prove its truth by steadily releasing “additives” and cultivating faith that our own life Presence knows what it’s doing, where it’s going, and how we can return, not to purity which is never in question, but to our awareness of that goodness.  

If you'd like the fastest, easiest and most fun way to jumpstart this process, check out our See How Life Works course that shows you how those “additives and preservatives” were installed in the first place and how to change the recipe right away. You’ll love how to feels in returning back to “all natural ingredients!” :-)

Love to all,



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