The “magical” effects of changing your mind!

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The “magical” effects of changing your mind!

Key Takeaways

1)  Your outer life is directed by your inner life
2)  Choosing love over fear is essential
3)  It’s never too late to start over

Students of Metaphysics

We’ve all heard about our minds moving mountains - well, in this case, it was a watch.  Sometime in the past few years, I think I’ve written about Yuri Geller and his amazing abilities, but I’m writing again since I’m back in Denver and a recent conversation with friends reminded me of this incident of long ago that involved my children.  Since students of metaphysics are surely familiar with the fact (not just a concept) that our inner life not only affects, but causes, our outer experience in all areas, here’s a fascinating tale.   A large one-day conference, sponsored by a local church, was held in at the Boettcher Concert Hall in downtown Denver, a gorgeous, and at that time, fairly new building with the round stage in the middle surrounded on all sides by seats that held 5,358 attendees.  Two of the presenters were Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, child psychiatrist, and Yuri Geller, magician and mystic.  Jerry often brought 4 or 5 of the terminally ill children who were involved in his Attitudinal Healing Center to join him on programs.

Amazing Demonstration

At some point, Jerry asked Yuri if he would be willing to meet with these terminal children as well as the children of those of us who were forming an Attitudinal Healing Center in Denver.  Yuri declined but said he would love to have them on stage with him, which would be in the early afternoon. So once on stage, to demonstrate his abilities, Yuri gathered all the children with him at the back side of the stage except for my 7-year old son, who was the youngest of the group.  Nelson was directed to the front of the stage and the microphone.

What happened next was amazing.  Yuri asked all the folks on the front row to take off their watches and put them in a pile on the front of the stage where Nelson was standing at the mic.  And it was a very large pile! Yuri instructed him to choose a watch, hold it in his hand, and when Yuri gave the signal, Nelson was to say MOVE in a loud voice.  Which he did.  Right away, folks in the front with no notion of what was happening, were asked to look at the watch.  They all agreed, to their amazement, that the hour hand had moved by three hours. Others, too, looked at the watch and there was no doubt about what had happened.

The Most Powerful Force To Change

Now that was a fascinating experiment.  But more fascinating is to realize we are creating our own experience with the focus of our attention all the time.  Since we’ve been doing it since birth, we don't realize the intimate connection between our thoughts/attitudes and inner life and the circumstances/ details of our outer life.  So now is a good time to be reminded that loving, helpful thoughts/attitudes will result in a much happier, safer, more fulfilling life than their opposites.  Don’t take my word for it - try it out and see what unexpectedly changes in your life.

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