This moment is the point of power and creation!


Key  Takeaways:

1)  Another look at cause and effect - the cause of all is invisible/internal and the effect is the world of form/experience

2)  Every moment is new, clean, and powerful moment

3)  The past with its difficulties is not stored, not available, and can't be the problem

Cause and Effect

Time to take a quick dive into the all-important topic of cause and effect.  We were all raised with the bedrock belief that situations, people, circumstances, or “fate” dictates the quality of our lives.  it all seems such a self-evident truth.  What is there to debate?  Everything!  Just because a “cause” is invisible does not make it less powerful or valid.  For instance, you can’t see the wind related to a hurricane, but you sure can see the results.  You can’t see electricity, but definitely you know it’s there, if you stick your finger into a live socket. So, possibly, it’s not so astonishing after all to consider the idea that the invisible activity in our minds - thoughts, desires, all internal focus - causes absolutely everything in both our inner emotional/feeling experience and all 3-dimensional forms. And that idea is more than an idea, but how life actually works  - from the inside out.

The Point of Power

This puts us completely in the driver’s seat.  We now can see the need for being thoughtful about the focus of our attention, since the results are both powerful and inevitable.  Something like playing with nuclear power - one does need to be aware of the rules!  So when must we be aware?  In the exact moment you are experiencing.  The immediate moment is the point of power because it’s the point of deciding how your attention will be directed with the attendant results of “life is good” or “nothing seems to work out.” And to add to your sense of power in this moment for directing your mind in a healing and constructive way, remember that the past and future do not exist, so any “past” that you may regret has vanished, not stored anywhere. Thus, you can enter into this moment with a lighter heart and guarantee of success when you choose loving thoughts over fear-based ones.

Therefore, in this new clean moment, do give it a try!

With love to all,


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