Learn From The Birds - This Crane Will Teach You To Fly Through Fear Straight To Your Safety



  1. Fearlessly and calmly claim your space and follow your heart/guidance.
  2. Use your voice to speak firmly and with certainty.
  3. Discharge your duties with loving care. 


Sandhill cranes are all over central Florida where I live.  They are large birds that congregate in and around the many golf courses, lakes with their surrounding open areas, retention ponds, and other natural spaces.  And often they come up on the lawns.  I have always been fascinated with them because no matter where I encounter them around my house and lake, on my walking routes and beyond, they always exhibit the same characteristics of fearlessness, certainty of purpose, careful attentiveness to their young, and they are never in a hurry.  Nor can you urge them along if you try.  When three of them decide to stroll up my street, blocking any vehicle that might come along, they never take note of the car very close to them, but continue their same casual saunter.  They are definitely in charge. As the driver, you either drive up into someone’s yard to get around them or you just wait.


Through their total defenseless and ease, one can almost “hear” them saying: “There is nothing to fear, I’m firmly in charge here with everyone’s interests at heart, relax, I’m safe and you’re safe.”  And with that defenseless stance, they exude power and purpose.  Our job is to learn that same conjunction of defenseless, power, safety, and good will.  Indeed, there is much to learn from these amazing and very friendly birds!

To find out lots more about about the marriage of power, kindness, and strength with defenselessness, enjoy this  video and you can see why I want the sandhill cranes as my teachers!

With love and peace to all,


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