The Purpose and Practice of A Course In Miracles

Purpose and practice of A Course In Miracles

Everyone is looking for happiness whether that is recognized, or not. Normally, that search leads us outside ourselves on the presumption that the right person, situation, bank balance, or job will do it. These will not - at least permanently. Happiness is an inside job and denied to us only by ourselves.  How does that happen? By what we believe, which determines what we think, how we act and feel.  A Course In Miracles is a spiritual technology designed to uproot the unfortunate, limiting beliefs that grow out of programming and conditioning instilled in early life and replace them with broader, more loving and practical beliefs.   

What is A Course In Miracles?

A Course In Miraclesis primarily a guide to cultivating a fundamentally different attitude and approach to life. An inspired work given to the world by two Columbia University professors, it is based on love and equality rather than fear, guilt, and “who’s to blame.” Acquiring this life-affirming attitude, the basis of our happiness, requires looking at and then trading in all our unexamined presumptions about how life is supposed to work. A Course In Miracles, a three-volume work, serves as a private tutor to help us examine our current mind set, beliefs, notions and opinions, motivating us to change our minds out of enlightened self-interest. It sets forth, in unmistakable terms, our own self-centeredness and connects that to our unhappiness. Thus, the purpose of A Course In Miracles is a change of mind and heart about ourselves and others, resulting in more happiness, freedom and opportunity than ever before imagined.

What A Course In Miracles is not!

A Course In Miracles is not a course, in the usual sense, for acquiring strategic information for making our own world view or system successful. And if one looks at the world, one is forced to agree that there is very little peace of mind or universal contentment in any direction. Nor is A Course In Miracles designed to perfect our manipulation skills or put another “tool in our toolbox.”  It does not have a several-step formula, a quick fix, or special techniques for “getting our way” or actualizing the picture of “how life is supposed to be.”  It does not support the current “conventional wisdom.” 

Why would I possibly be interested in A Course In Miracles?

You would be interested because your current approach to life is not working out well and you’ve looked  to lots of things for your happiness and peace of mind that have not panned out.  You’re looking for a path that actually certifiably leads to happiness. A Course In Miracles systematically leads us to regard ourselves and others from a fundamentally different perspective, rather than merely learning many new facts and formulas.   And it is from this new and different perspective, where you actually feel valuable, important, and cared for, that the possibility arises of being happy and at peace no matter what’s happening.  For example, if you are sitting at the end of a large room, you see a certain scene of furniture, accessories, people, and outside views.  If you change places and sit at the opposite end of the room, you will see entirely different items within the scope of your vision.  Just as it’s the same room from a different angle, we can see our lives from a different, more positive angle and that makes all the difference in how we experience them. 

How does A Course In Miracles accomplish this goal?

Our minds are currently imprisoned with inaccurate, unhelpful programming and conditioning that runs us like robots and from which we have to be liberated.  Almost like we’ve been brought up in a cult and have no idea there is another world “out there.” The lessons in A Course In Miracles are designed to drive those old limiting and hurtful programs into conscious awareness so we can see “what makes us tick” and what we think is true. This is not unlike finding out the earth is really round after believing forever that it was flat and one could only go so far before falling off the edge.   Primarily we just have knee jerk responses to stimuli based on how we were programmed, most of which is unconscious.  With greater self-awareness, based on being more conscious of what drives us to make the decisions we do, we can make much better choices and live a very different, more satisfactory life.  

What can I expect with A Course In Miracles?

You can expect to be very surprised at how much you don’t know about yourself, and therefore, how you inevitably make self-sabotaging decisions.  Although A Course In Miracles is a brilliantly written work, it is not merely to be studied and understood intellectually.  The ideas it presents are to be put into practice at those times in your day when you feel upset, small, insulted, or confused.  Gradually your old programs will be replaced with new, better programs just like upgrading your computers.  You will literally be rewiring your brain and you’ll find yourself feeling more valuable, larger, smarter, calmer, more attractive, and generally more conscious - an absolute requirement for experiencing happiness!



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