Rest Assured - Those Who Are To Meet Will Meet!



  1. Every person we ever meet is designed for our maximum well being. 
  2. Sometimes the experience is good and sometimes difficult but always it is an outward reflection of our inner self. 
  3. There is no need to worry that you will "miss out" because every person we need to meet in this life will happen regardless of circumstances.

Greetings, everyone!

You are probably all acquainted with the ideas that our calls for help are always answered and that those who are to meet will meet.  Sometimes that meeting is fun and uplifting and sometimes it does not feel good at all when the purpose is to call your attention to some area of life that needs healing.  In all cases, of course, everything is always happening for our healing, and thus is being helpful, even when we don’t recognize that at the time. Here is a lovely tale of someone asking for help, another delighted to offer it, and the unexpected conditions and circumstances that had to be “just right” for them to meet!  Enjoy and remember that it’s actually true that every single one of us is always looked after and urged in the right direction for our highest good and happiness.  No one “falls through the cracks!”  :)

With love to all,


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