Monitor your thoughts carefully - there are no ineffective ones!


Key Takeaways

  1. There are not “private” minds with little collections of “private” thoughts
  2. There are only two categories of thought - loving and hateful
  3. These thoughts provide the blueprint for the experiences in your worldly experience

There Is No Private Mind

Once again, we need to remind ourselves that the direction of our all-powerful thoughts matter.  Yes, all powerful, although we’ve been taught just the opposite - that they are some kind of private property staying safely stashed inside our so-called private minds like a few coins in our little private coin purse where we can dispense thoughts, or coins, as we choose - when, where, and to whom.  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth.  There are not zillions of little private minds with collections of private thoughts which we more or less oversee, deciding what to share and what to hide. There is one Mind, of which we are all an integral part, and all thoughts are available all the time for everyone.  To be ever more accurate, but nearly incomprehensible, not only do we share a mind with everyone, we ARE everyone.  However we treat and regard others is exactly what we are creating for ourselves.  No exceptions.  I realize the enormity of these statements but the sooner we start to practice living with these facts in mind, the better off we will be.

Only Two Kinds of Thoughts

This video is about an episode where I did not follow my own teaching and allowed my mind to wander in an unkind and inappropriate way.  And, boy, did I have an attention-getting experience as a result, immediately  - one I would not want you to experience.  The video provides details.  So the antidote for our confusion and incorrect programming, our unloving inclinations, is to keep remembering that “everyone else’s” welfare is as important as “our’s" and how we treat and think about them will create our experience.  Remember, there are only two kinds of thoughts - loving and hateful - and they do not stay safely tucked away inside a mythical “private mind.”   Choose wisely as there are always consequences.

Love and every blessing,


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