To Have The Experience You Desire - Offer It Forward and You Will Feel It


Hi my dears,

When a certified authority says to us, “ Do this and you’ll like the results,” it’s the better part of wisdom to pay attention.  In this case the certified authority is the love/wisdom/brilliance that abides in all of us, forever.  We are told endlessly that we will be the first recipients of what we offer to others.  An instruction from A Course In Miracles and echoed in other spiritual traditions is about giving.  A lot of misunderstanding has accompanied this injunction because we have believed we lose what we give.  Here is a wonderful example of everyone gaining and no one losing when giving occurs.  In this case, what is given is love, full attention, delight, and good will.  And who gains?  Absolutely everyone, including me, watching from the sidelines.

Remember, no matter what - we always experience what we want the “others” to experience.  As I am fond of saying, the universe does not know about pronouns.  You want “them” to feel loved and noticed and “your” cup will be running over.  Don’t take my word for it - try it out, don’t figure it out.  You’ll be glad you did!

Love and abundance of all good things to all,



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