Trade In Limiting, Fear-Driven Beliefs For Loving, Life-Giving Ones

Many of you know the old saying, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”  The normal underlying message is that if we don’t make different choices, everything remains the same.  Now we’ll dig deeper into that statement.  Let’s say you are traveling in your car and something begins to malfunction.  On examining under the hood, you discover the the battery is dead and you are stuck. You are advised that there is an auto parts store right across the street with people who can help you install the new part.  But you refuse on the grounds that this is the battery the car came with and you’re not going to change it!  So the offer of help remains, but unaccepted, and you are stranded indefinitely by the side of the road.  No doubt, complaining about your misfortune.

 Your Mind Is A Computer

Or - you find  your computer has been hacked and all kinds of viruses have invaded.  You know there is a computer store in the local shopping center but you decide not to avail yourself of their services.  It might cost too much, or worse, some unscrupulous employee might steal some of your important information if you let them into your computer.  You  are greatly handicapped by not having a functional computer and are reduced to hand writing letters and tracking down people on the phone when you need to confer. A drastic compromise and totally inefficient.  You really feel unfairly dealt with and your computer remains unusable. This just should not have happened!

Possibly - you are on an important mission to get yourself to Fayetteville, AR and complain that you are following directions on the map but they don’t make any sense as you turn right or left.  Why can’t “they” make a decent map!  Someone kindly points out the problem - you are using a map of North Carolina (also with a city named Fayetteville) and not Arkansas to find your way.  Clearly, you are never going to be successful since the instructions cannot make sense.  When it’s suggested you should simply change to the correct map, you refuse on the grounds that your mother gave  you this map when you were very young and that’s what you’re going to use - Period. After all, what if a new map wasn’t trustworthy and led you to fall off the edge of a cliff instead of merely getting lost?

How To Move Forward

All of these responses, of course, are totally and clearly insane and self-destructive..  Yet, we think it perfectly sensible to have our lives driven by our earliest installed mindset (thoughts, beliefs, attitude) that is limiting us unnecessarily in so many ways.  When the intimate connection between our beliefs and “outer life” of relationships, health, circumstances, opportunities is pointed out and requirement for mind change clarified, the common response is, “No thank you, not interested in changing minds, hearing that thoughts are driving our unfortunate experience, or altering  viewpoints. My happiness  and safety are someone else’s responsibility/fault and I’m just going to do nothing but be a victim of my situation and trust  things somehow will get to be different by wishing and hoping.”    

Now we can certainly be obstinate about all this, but sooner or later, our plan to “wait it out and hope something will work” fails.  As the text of ACIM says, “Your tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit.” And pain is guaranteed when you don’t trade in limiting, fear-driven beliefs for loving, life-giving ones. Since we’re promised we’re going to be driven off our fixed position at some point, you might as will make it easier for yourself and start to cooperate with the process.  Help and support in unlearning our fear is here every way we turn.  For our part, we have spent countless hundreds of hours creating materials that will aid you in this essential and radical change of mind - from fear to love and judgment to open-hearted acceptance.  Come check out out resources and start to free yourself today!


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