Trade in the “Story of Me” for Freedom!


Key Takeaways:

1) Celebrate this July 4th by freeing yourself from your self-made prison
2) Although the “story of me” was formed unknowingly, we now can decide to let it go
3) We are in charge of our experience - choose wisely now!

The Experience of Unbridled Joy

As always on July 4, we remember the amazing transition out of this world of Bill Thetford, co-scribe and “father” of A Course in Miracles! Bill had more than his share of being “quarantined” in his life and can be a model for all of us about how to respond to our current situation and experience unbridled joy! If he can do it, so can we.

So how did we become “imprisoned" and what is the secret of release? First, we define the actual cause of our feeling limited and circumscribed as allegiance to the “story of me,” gradually formed in our earliest years and never challenged. Not challenged because we assume that the story of a "personal separated self” is the truth of us and not a collection of beliefs formed early on without our awareness of the process.

One Moment At A Time

So the more we are involved with the care and maintenance of this so-called “separate self,” the more imprisoned and lonely we feel. We can reverse this, gradually releasing the bars of our self-made prisons by recognizing we are in charge of or experience - letting go of our own guilt, defenses, judgments, resistance, and requirements about “how life is supposed to be.” Although that seems like a tall order, remember we only live one moment at at time, so only need to think in terms of “right now what do I want to experience?" and "how can I be more loving, friendly, understanding, helpful and less self-absorbed now." Don’t worry about the rest of your life, just take this day and decide to take one “bar” down by changing your mind about one thing, whether it’s about yourself or someone else.

Have a meaningful holiday and remember dear Bill - a treasure for all of us,
Carol Howe


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