Trade the “costume” of a separate self for the experience of Love you actually are!


Key Takeaways

1) The “personal self,” self-concept, or ego mind is like a costume.

2) It has an imprisoning effect and must be relinquished.

3) You can walk out of prison when you freely choose joining over separating and acceptance over judgment.

Happy Halloween! 

This time of year, the kids (and some adults) love dressing up in costumes and delighting in “scary” movies, entertainments, and more - knowing when the fun is over, the costumes come off and all is safe and well. Using this analogy, we have some significant “roles and costumes” that need to be removed and put away, as well. In our case, the role with its costumes refers to the ego mind, personal self, self-concept, or the “story of me.” Our only problem is that we haven’t recognized these as pretense and “costumes” only, presuming they are, indeed, our actual reality and so, of course, haven’t taken them off but clung to them. If ever we are to be happy, peaceful, safe, and fulfilled, the imprisoning role and costume have to go. Imagine wearing your Darth Vader costume (my older son’s favorite as a young boy) all your life. How unpleasant and inconvenient that would be! Well, that’s what we do when we cling to the "story of me" as our true identity. 

YOU Have All The Power and Freedom

When we present ourselves as the role we play, which must be defended and promoted at all costs, we lose out on life, happiness, connection, peace, and safety - not because they are unavailable, but because we can’t access these gifts. Now truly imagine being imprisioned in a Darth Vader costume the rest of your life. See how limiting and annoying and isolating that would be? Well, the way we limit ourselves by identifying only as a body/personality is much worse than that. Starting now, you have all the power and freedom that exists to claim the immense loving presence you actually are. It’s not gone, but your attention is focused elsewhere. You’re a creative powerhouse so bring back the awareness of love and safety by focusing on giving rather than getting, accepting rather than judging, having no thoughts you would not willingly share with everyone, love over fear. Your experience lies in your hands and no one else’s because only you decide where to place your attention. So - take off that costume and claim your Life!

Happy Halloween and love to all!


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