Transforming Depression - Part 2

Where does depression really come from in the first place?  

If we don’t know, we’re hard pressed to find a solution other than medication.   More and more people are looking for natural remedies and that requires looking at the actual cause.  In part 1 we discussed depression as resulting from refusal to feel our strong upsetting feelings, shoving them into unconsciousness or unmindfulness.  And experience has shown that refusal to feel our feelings does not solve the problem, satisfactorily or permanently. 

Therefore, it’s essential that we find out how all these unwanted feelings are arising in the first place - unwanted because we believe their presence means something negative about us and they are distressing and painful.  

Chemical Cocktails – The Emotional Menu

Our emotional state is created by chemicals in the brain that are transferred throughout the entire body; hence the term “body chemistry.”  And there are untold numbers of chemicals.  Certain combinations of them result in feeling happy, expansive, and safe and a different mix leads to feeling dark, lonely, and unloved.  Who determines our individual particular mix of chemicals?  Naturally, we each do since clearly “no one can give orders to my brain but me!” It’s an  internal and individual matter.  And how do we order up these precise chemical cocktails?  Through beliefs and constant but unmonitored thought.  We presume that what we believe and think is immaterial because no one can know or see what we’re thinking.  We believe that as long as our behavior is okay, what we think is irrelevant to our state of mind and body.  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  

Our minds are incredibly powerful and have the ability to request whatever we like in terms of our state of mind.  But in order to do this, we must become better acquainted with that on-going stream of inner critical self-talk.  If we do not pay attention to it, we can’t upgrade our self-talk to something better.  Beneath the self-talk we are aware of is the set of beliefs - all that conditioning and programming -  that was set in place in our earliest days and before.  If we want to take the reins back and be in charge of our experience, we must be curious about and willing to examine all the foundational notions we presume are true, both about ourselves and the world at large.  

Your Brain Is A Computer

All modern computers come with many programs already installed.  We enter our world in much the same way. And, as with computers, the programs (beliefs) that run our daily lives will not deinstall themselves randomly or automatically.  We have to take a look at the beliefs in that bio-computer and  remove the ones that are interfering with its smooth and accurate functioning.  

No one would put up with using a computer that had been hacked, malware installed, and viruses running rampant, and while undetected, destroying data and interfering with proper functioning of programs.  You would get right on the business of eliminating the code that was alien to your computing purposes. We should not put up with faulty programs within ourselves either. The  major difference between examining our personal programming and our computer’s programming is that we think if we find faulty programming within us, it means we’re inherently flawed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But just as with a computer we have to discover the unhelpful code before we can do anything about it.

Install A More Helpful Operating System

We don’t label our computers guilty or unworthy; we just recognize the lack of proper functioning and seek to restore order.  And so it should be with us.  Simply restore peace of mind and a happy life by replacing the unsatisfactory  programs.  No judgment about the need to deinstall programs that no longer serve us; it’s just what must be done. They mean nothing about our inherent worth.

The See How Life Works series functions like the Mac Store, the Geek Squad or any other group technically qualified to remove the offending malware and viruses, to clean up your bio-computer.  The videos  help us see where we have allowed the destructive programs of “I’m not worthy or deserving, others have something I don’t, I’m not valuable unless I have a boyfriend, or I don’t measure up”  to run without our knowledge or approval.  Those “programs” are creating the emotions/feelings we then decide must be hidden away at the terrific and continual cost of our peace of mind.  

Do yourself a favor and make your own welfare as important as your computer’s.   Do not tolerate those ancient programs about what’s the matter with you.  They are the culprits that oversee  the body chemistry creating those feelings that, when suppressed, lead to depression.  Our See How Life Works series will help you understand your current programming, where it came from, and how it is maintained. And, most importantly, how you can upgrade your programming resulting in a much happier life! Today is the perfect time to start!



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