“Transport" yourself to peace of mind through the vehicle of attention!


Key Takeaways

1) Assorted means of transport bring one to Orlando, "Entertainment Capital of the World." 

2) Attention to what’s "truly helpful and looking for the good” transports one to peace of mind and all its rewards.

3) You can’t arrive at a destination if you do not employ the means to get there, whether to Disney or peace of mind.

Transportation Is Required

Hello everyone and best wishes to all of you from Orlando, the entertainment capital of the world!,

Why mention that? Because it provides yet another metaphor - my favorite way of explaining. You can watch videos, pour over brochures, and listen to the tales of others about the amazing variety of experiences provided here - Disney, Epcot, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center, water parks, and way more. No matter how graphic the publicity or stories from those who have visited, that’s definitely not like engaging in them here yourself! Thus, you have to employ some means of transport from wherever you live in order to experience the “Entertainment Capital” And those vehicles can be cars, planes, trains and more.

Take Charge of Your Attention

Now, we can read or hear about, long or wish for safety, peace of mind, love, joy and belonging but that’s hardly the same as the actual experience. So if vehicles transport us to Disney land, what "vehicle” transports us from the personal “story of me” to the experience of Oneness with all its attributes that everyone so longs for? The “vehicle” that “gets us there” will be our attention, what we focus on. So be in charge of where your attention goes and try these three: 1) no judgment of anything or anyone in your current experience 2) decide to be truly helpful, which engages the Right Mind, intuition, or guidance that Knows how to direct our attention in the best possible way for all concerned 3) decide to look for only the good, the loving, the purposeful, the supportive throughout the day. Remember you always find what you’re looking for!

You might want to keep a log of how things work out as you employ these “vehicles” to peace of mind.

Every blessing and “Happy Travels!”


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