Turn Over A New Leaf - Again and Again!

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Turn Over A New Leaf - Again and Again!

Key Takeaways

  1. The past is not the problem, since words and deeds cease to exist immediately after occurrence.
  2. The Present Moment is always clean, loving, refreshed every moment - truly a new leaf.
  3. Loving kindness, peace, and safety have not left us; our attention has left them and can be immediately retrieved.

Wisdom Of The Ages

Time to look at the powerful message of turning over a new leaf and realizing that actually a “new leaf,” a “new start,” a "new outlook” is presented to us in every second of every day. Rather than referring to having a clean page to write upon - the original meaning of the phrase - for us, it’s having a new, clean moment to experience. Of all the unfortunate and incorrect notions we pick up as we mature in this life, one of the most enduring and damaging to our peace of mind is the notion that our past remains present, active, influencing our lives, and generally disruptive. If that were so, we would be doomed before we even begin. Imagine if every single unloving and egocentric word and deed were following behind us and driving us to behave and think in a certain way. May this be the year when you put that notion to rest, to listen carefully to the wisdom teachings of the ages: the past does not exist, words and deeds disappear the instant they are uttered or acted out. Every moment is a new, clean moment without past mistakes running the show.

Staying In The Present Moment Is The Way

So more about that new clean moment - it is “made up of” love, blessing, kindness, safety, peace, and more. In other words, those qualities are already built into every moment we live. The reason we seem to be mostly unaware of this amazing truth is that our attention does not stay in the moment, but is constantly drawn into thinking about the past or future, making the experience of the actual moment unavailable to us. It is not a case of love, joy, peace, and safety “leaving us” but our attention “leaving it.” So it doesn’t need to be retrieved or created, but allowed and noticed. And if we make a mistake, are hurtful to ourselves or others, the event immediately vanishes - to be seen and heard no more. So as we turn over a new leaf, not just in early January, but every moment of every day, be assured that as you focus on a loving peaceful interaction with whatever/whoever is in your immediate awareness, life can unfold as never before. If you “fall off the horse,” you have millions of opportunities to "climb on again.” Our past is not the problem, but indeed, the current programming that we built in early on, which we unknowingly insert into every moment, is - so to speak. Staying in the present moment in as loving and peaceful a way possible with those with whom we interact is the antidote. Offering genuine undivided attention, wishing them well, and desiring to see what’s right about them, reveals the substance of each new clean moment.

Wishing you much insight in this new year!
Carol and Robert


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