“Unconditional positive regard” and your own inborn guidance lead to your resurrection.


Key Takeaways:

1)  We are reminded that what we consider “real" is meaningless from the perspective of Truth.
2)  We have all the help we need to live happily in a “meaningless” world.
3)  Renewal is possible in any moment we choose unconditional acceptance, the desire to be helpful, and reliance on the ever-present “inner voice.”

The Trinity of the Meaningless

The word “resurrection” means to come back to life and this refers to all of us.  Obviously, this implies we were once alive, somehow then not, and now are returning to life.  We are all in this process of re-discovering the very truth about ourselves that allows for a radically different sense of aliveness, joy, and deepest peace - coming back to life. Lesson 1 of A Course In Miracles states that the world we appear to live in is meaningless.  And thus, our normal thoughts that are the world’s counterpart are also meaningless. And - the “story of me,” ego, personal self that is thinking the thoughts rounds out the trinity of the meaningless because it’s a construction by and in the mind and not actual reality when considered “a separate thing.”  Yes, I know that sounds radical, weird, and possibly irrelevant so how do we proceed if all that is true?

Two Steps To Freedom

Remember two things: 1) As the famous psychologist Carl Rogers advised, view and consider everything with “unconditional positive regard,”  which makes sense since there is hardly any point in judging what is already known to be meaningless. Simply stated, consider whatever you’re seeing or experiencing with no judgment.  Remember, Judgment is a type of negative thought that is going to bring to you more of what you do not want so considering things from a benign perspective is a wise and healing suggestion. 2) Your very own intuition, “right mind" is always immediately available to you when you sincerely desire, in this moment, to be truly helpful.  Not how can I be helpful tomorrow or when my life improves, but right now.  This will focus your attention and keep you from indulging in meaningless thoughts. And, thus, as always, you have the power to be renewed, to experience peace, safety, and satisfaction right here, right now, and for as long as you choose. (And when you forget, keep choosing again!)

Love and peace to all,


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