Unshakeable faith produces wondrous results!


This little video focuses on a word I rarely use  - faith!  Like many words, it has different meanings for different people.  Today, we’re going to talk of “faith" as referring to a powerhouse combo of trust, certainty, focus, and enthusiasm.  My subject for the day is a woman I met years ago when I conducted many more public workshops, retreats, and classes around the state of Florida - and beyond.  She was the poster child for the person with unshakeable faith in the certainty of needs being met, questions answered, and safety assured.   And a delight to be with in every sense of the word.

I do hope you’ll be inspired to trust and assume you are guided, noticed, appreciated, and listened to and can vicariously experience/enjoy the outrageous ways “life” rearranged itself so her faith was justified.  What we must realize is that “we are always right.”  Whatever we have un-conflicted faith in will manifest. And the final word is - have great faith in you and your right to be here, being the loving presence you actually are!

Love to all,


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