A Loving Truth From The Long History of Valentine's Day

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A Loving Truth From The Long History of Valentine's Day

Key Takeaways:

  1. Make no one the enemy in order to experience safety and good will
  2. What’s in your mind for others accrues to you
  3. Choose “unconditional positive regard” for all and watch your life blossom

Greetings to all - and Happy Valentine’s Day!

This day may be one of the oldest holidays, going back to the year 252.  An online source states:  "The emperor Aurelius had imprisoned Valentine in 272AD for continuing to marry Christian soldiers, despite royal decree.  (He needed the men for his army).  And he continued to love his sweetheart from prison." Whatever the origin, Valentine’s Day has a very long history and continues to be a popular holiday right up until this moment. So what if we decided to think of this day, not about romance, but about “unconditional positive regard” treating one another kindly and respectfully all the time.  The rationale being that as we treat others, so will we be treated - a law we have no way of avoiding. And this is great news!  It means we never have to defend against “enemies” since we will not have any with the choice to regard all kindly.  Remember what we want for others accrues to us - inevitably.  We write the script.

Doing The Best We Can

As we look about the world, we see the horror caused by deciding to make others the “enemy."  Whether on a large or small scale, deciding that others are not worthy of love and respect will always interfere with our happiness.  That is because of the inevitable law that if lack of love is in our minds, we will experience it.  This can't be stated too often or in too many ways. It is central to our well-being.

So, if you’re with family, out with friends, or quietly at home, realize everyone is doing the best he or she is able with the beliefs and programming out of which they operate. Wish them well on the day of love, be kind to all you meet or think of, and you will be very pleased with the day that is reflected back to you.

A Special Gift For You

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Happiest of Valentine’s days and may you feel the love and good will as you offer it to others. 

With love from both of us,
Carol and Robert


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