Virtual Reality - not just for gaming but a perfect analogy!


Key Takeaways

1)  Virtual reality - a programmed experience, as are our "lives as separate selves."
2)  Virtual reality programs are in the headset, our’s are in our mind sets.
3)  Our “programmed challenges” disappear as we trade in the mind set of fear/guilt  for love/innocence

Our Headset Is Our Mindset

Probably all of you have heard of “virtual reality,” even if you don’t know much about it.  The usual description is: “Virtual reality is a computer generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel he/she is immersed in the surroundings."  How very like our situation.  Wisdom teachings for thousands of years have focused on the fact that what we normally experience is not actual reality, but an appearance, a mirroring of the contents of our minds that does not reflect the Truth.  Does this sound familiar?  With “virtual reality” the headset contains the computer that runs the various programs.  With us, the programming in our minds, that we brought with us to release, is causing the appearances that seem so real.

Oneness Cannot Be Disturbed

We have been taught in no uncertain terms that our so-called outer world is merely a mirror image of the inner landscape of thought that changes as we change our minds, alter our programming. With virtual reality, we take off the headset and we are once again safely in our homes, even though the totally convincing program presented all kinds of dangers and challenges.  In our lives, we change our mindset, our version of a headset, and once again we realize and experience our Oneness with its undisturbed safety, power, love, and peace.

And how do we make this dramatic change of mind?  For most, it’s a process and not an event.  Discover and release guilt and the sense of apparent separation by choosing to see the innocence and beloved nature of everything and every one.  Remember always, what’s in our minds is determining our experience, our appearances, the quality of our lives.  And nothing else does.


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