Coronavirus Response: With This Challenge Upon Us, Let’s Face It While Learning Together


Key Takeaways

1) First and foremost we must remember, health is based on inner peace
2) Deepen that inner peace through letting go of grievances
3) Stay in the moment; stay in touch with your Self.

We Are Safe

Now would be a good time to take a deep breath and realize, in the big picture, we are safe! You are probably ready for a break from coronavirus news so we won’t really talk about it, but instead, about what we can learn. If we’re wise, we can discover important lessons in almost anything, especially things that captivate our attention like this situation. From a deeper perspective, we must deeply focus on and integrate an eternal truth: health of anything - bodies, finances, relationships, and more - is the result of inner peace. So the completely reliable precaution we can take is to deepen into our peace in the face of challenges. How to do that? Let’s re-imagine all the talk of social contact and the problem it presents in spreading the virus. Okay, if social contact is so potent, how about if we use it to spread innocence and good will?

Live Without Defenses

We can use social contact positively by being psychologically defenseless in our interactions with others, which speaks loudly and certainly of their innocence. Our defenseless says, “I’m safe in your presence, you are not guilty, no need to be punished.” In other words you are confirming their innocence, and thus, promoting their sense of peace and safety. Since what you are offering them, you also receive, this is a brilliant use of social contact. We can also remember to remain present, don’t jump ahead and worry about the future. We also can deepen our inner peace by letting go of grievances and blame about “whose fault this is” and decide instead to stay in our right mind, asking for help about where to go, what to say, and to whom.

A Helpful Offer

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Since the purpose of all our work is to increase your peace of mind and decrease your guilt and distress, we are honored to help in some small way as we all step into this difficult period.

With deep peace to all!
Carol and Robert, Co-Creators of See How Life Works and our other online programs

PS. If you are so inclined, I would strongly recommend you read and re-read Lesson 76 of A Course In Miracles: I Am Under No Laws But God’s.

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