We are the infinite beloved expressions of Love itself!


Key Takeaways

1)  Creator and Created are intimately and eternally One - no separation possible
2)  We are always kindly and specifically cared for
3)  We did not create ourselves nor define our true characteristics

Here With You Always

Today I’m sharing a wonderful recent experience precipitated by the possibility, which did not come to pass, of needing a minor medical procedure.  I was awaiting a call informing me about which physician I would be seeing in a few days.  I knew several were on the list and I had a definite preference for one.  Since I have had no interaction whatsoever for several decades with traditional Western medicine, I was nervous about the entire situation.  As I was waiting, and not very peacefully, to get the word, I suddenly received a different, and much better, “word.”  A kind, gentle and very sweet thought energy entered my mind, unbidden, and began an inquiry:  Did you create yourself?  No, I responded.  Did your parents create you?  Well, they helped with the body part. Then, in the kindest way possible the thought energy announced, “I did and I’m here with you always” and indicated that whatever procedure might occur, It would be doing the work.  Happily, no procedure was necessary but a wonderful reminder that Creator and Created are always intimately One, with not the slightest separation into “parts” possible.

Our Desire For Truth

A favorite analogy for this is that you cannot take a smile or a frown off a face and place it elsewhere.  Face and expression of face are always one, impossible to separate.  Oneness is not made up of lots of separate parts like a jigsaw puzzle, but is simply One, expressing in infinite ways.  When we finally desire to wrap our minds around the Truth that we are never alone, but always kindly and intimately cared for, fear can melt away and our desire to reach out and live the “We-ness” of all things increases and blesses our lives.

With love to all,


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