Who do you think you are, anyway! Hint: Way more than you think!


Key Takeaways

1) The discovery and release of fear-driven concepts is what life is about
2) This is not a destructive process, but a disposing of what is not useful like weeds in the garden or aging leftovers in the fridge
3) As man-made concepts are released, our loving, eternal ever-present reality is revealed!

Into Your Awareness

Sometimes when one begins to work with A Course In Miracles or other profound, life-changing processes, things might appear to get worse rather than better, which can certainly be confusing. Here this! This is to be expected. The purpose of a valid spiritual practice is to facilitate the bringing into awareness of the falsehoods, the beliefs that are undermining your health, peace of mind, and so much more so they can be discarded. You cannot discard what you have no idea is running and ruining your life! So life circumstances that are unsettling are part of your path to peace of mind. They cannot and should not be avoided.

The Self-Concept Package

Specifically, the areas of life that are unsatisfactory are shining a light on the concepts about yourself - the details of the self-concept (the ego or “personal self” by other names) - that began to slowly form and arise out of the non-verbal experience of your first three years or so when the thinking mind was not yet functional. This self-concept inevitably includes a mix of beliefs about yourself that are fear-based and totally false. You have no way of knowing that this concept of yourself is not you at all, but only a package of ideas. Nothing more.

The Inner and Outer Change Together

A Course In Miracles (and all our work) is about discovering and releasing/removing those false beliefs - changing those concepts about yourself, setting the record straight. And as those notions about yourself are changed, both your inner experience and outer worlds change accordingly. So the ego is not “destroyed,” the false ideas that are its foundation are merely discovered and discarded as interference - just like you find and pull out the weeds in your garden or find left-overs lost in the back of your refrigerator that are overdue for disposal and discard them. As stated in Chapter 31 (my all-time favorite chapter) “Salvation can be seen as nothing more than the escape from concepts!” Let’s help each other escape together!

With love to all,


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