Wholeness and Happiness Are Always Present - This One Lesson Shows You Where!


Key Takeaways:

  • No matter how difficult life has been, right now can be very different.
  • The past does not have to be “fixed” first; it no longer exists.  Remember the lesson:  The Past Is Over; It Can Touch Me Not.
  • The Present, Love, and You are the only reality and nothing can change that.  Our awareness of it can be temporarily diverted, but that is all. We never leave Home.

For most of us, great difficulties/challenges in life and being happy and helpful seem irreconcilable.  Happily, my friend featured in this video demonstrates how very wrong is that assumption.  We can’t state in too many ways that happiness, safety, and delight all reside in one place - the very moment you are now in.  That seems not to be the case because we obscure the peace of this present moment.  And how do we do that?  

By constant, relentless thinking, thinking, thinking about the past that is no more and the future that is not yet.  Placing our all-powerful attention on endless thinking and focusing on what is not here blocks the feeling awareness of present joy.  So happiness is not acquired or earned - it is liberated from the prison house of improperly focused attention.  It’s improper because it gets in the way, not because it is evil.  

Allow my recently-deceased friend, honored in this segment, to light your way as it did (and still does) for so many others.  If it’s helpful, recognize that any non-loving thought, word, or deed in which you engaged was instantly erased from your past because only Love has life, reality, substance, and eternity as inherent qualities.  And since you are only Love, all those qualities are also yours.  

Time to celebrate my dear friends!


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