You are invited to help us celebrate the 12th anniversary of See How Life Works!


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Key takeaways:

  1. Follow  your intuition and decide to be helpful
  2. All resources you need will always appear
  3. Without a doubt, you’ll be glad you did as you watch your destiny unfold

The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

We’re very happy to let you know that today is the 12th anniversary of our See How Life Works company and we want you to help us celebrate.  As with so many areas of life, Robert and I had no idea about what we were about to commit to when we had breakfast on July 26, 2011.  Actually, breakfast lasted until noon and an idea was born.  By this time, I’m sure all of you have experienced the fact that there are no accidents or random coincidences in life and that was certainly true here. Our enterprise started when Robert asked if it would be possible to film the large teaching models I had designed and built with a partner over a period of 10 years.  After determining that, with the help of a most talented friend, we could manage to put all the various parts together, the answer was “full speed ahead!”  We had many decisions to make - where it would be filmed and when, who would participate, what extra props would be needed, etc. All was resolved, and beginning in September of 2011, the eight modules were filmed, ending in May of 2012.  Neither of us had any idea of the vast amount of work this would require and that was good.  Had we known, it might have been too daunting.  :)

Celebrate With Us

After that  project was completed, fate arranged that 4 more video programs would be created.  So now we have our major series entitled See How Life Works that simplifies the major points in A Course In Miracles, making that massive work much more user-friendly and accessible.  That was followed by the Master Class, where a different group gathers to discuss their experience with the the 8 videos in See How Life Works. Not only does it add to the useful practice of Course principles, it’s a very lively, and often hilarious, group that makes exploring new ideas a real treat. These two were followed by filming a conversation with Jerry and Diane Jampolsky.  Jerry was the creator of Attitudinal Healing - an organization that puts the principles of the Course into action, and they carried this message literally all over the world and via every TV program available at that time.  We also filmed a discussion of a little booklet I originally wrote for my sons entitled "Emergency Procedures for Regaining Peace of Mind."  We shortened the title to Regain Your Peace, and indeed, the filming participants and those who have watched that program, discovered important elements about how we lose our peace and how to regain it. Last, we have a shorter program entitled Healing Relationships, and as the name implies, we explore how we come to misunderstand/misuse some of our relationships and how to heal them.

Basically, all our offerings are about healing our minds of the notions that interfere with our peace of mind, sense of safety and well-being, but presented in different ways to reach everyone’s learning style.  We want you to celebrate learning and growing with us, and thus, are offering you the largest discount possible on all five programs. When you use the code 12YEARS at check out, you will save 40%!!!

With love and peace in great measure to all of you,
Carol and Robert


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