Your Guidance Shows Up In Many Surprising Ways But ALWAYS For Your Best Interest



  1. Your ever-present loving guidance is always operative.  It’s our job to listen and follow through.
  2. Guidance show up in many ways - each perfect for the situation.
  3. Guidance takes everyone affected into consideration and provides a win/win for all concerned.


I did not plan to record this but my guidance kept waking me up last night to send you all a message, so I have to practice what I preach!  The message seems to be two-fold:  Renew your commitment to following the guidance that appears both in practice and in statements from our Master Teachers like Jesus and in recognizing and following your own inner guidance.  Your guidance and the Master Teachers’ guidance all come from the same Source.

You will recognize these universal teachings:  Love one another, be helpful, recognize that what you express matters, where you focus your attention results in the quality of your “outer” life, and more. Our common goal is to identify and discard all that interferes with our living these principles.

And to assist, we have constant and expert guidance always tailor-made for us.  This guidance can appear as a feeling of yes or recognition, a specific “voice or directive” from your own mind, or “coincidences” and messages that appear out of nowhere from others.  In all cases, our job is to pay attention and follow through.  Enjoy the video!

Love to all,


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