Your Thoughts Create Your Experience.

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Your Thoughts Create Your Experience.

Key takeaways

1) What you think should happen to others will appear in your life, not their’s.
2) As the saying goes: “change your mind, change your life."
3) See everyone’s “bad behavior” as a cry for help and understanding.

The Most Important Reminder

Out of nowhere my guidance suggested that I needed to reach out to all of you with an important reminder - one that we are not taught in school or elsewhere.  At least for the most part.  And the urgent reason for our being reminded is that the world seems to be drowning in discord with enmity between all sorts of different groups, countries, religions, races, political perspectives, social status, and more.  It’s been modeled for us down through the ages that the “enemy” is to be punished, ignored, deprived, insulted, fought against, demeaned, etc.  You get the idea.  And we operate out of the delusion that we can wish someone else ill, want them to suffer, be hurt, physically or emotionally, and thereby, we’ll be just fine.  After all, “they” are the problem.

The ignorance about how life works that this implies is staggering in its implications.  The way life really works is that the thoughts in my mind create my experience, not someone else’s.  If a person wishes someone ill, the pain sought for the “other" will accrue to him/her.  Sometimes it might not show immediately, but the guarantee is that pain will always follow a wish that someone suffer or be deprived. Remember the old saying (from the third century), “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine.”

Your Innocence Is Always Present

Remember, you are the author of your experience in life, based on what is important to you and the prevailing focus in your mind.  I can guarantee that wishing others well, walking in their shoes, so to speak, will bring rewards.  This does not mean that you “approve” of what they are doing, saying, etc but that you truly want the best for them in general - that you would prefer they succeed in life and not sabotage themselves unwittingly. You never buy your “innocence” at the cost of someone else’s guilt.  Your innocence and deserving place in life is always available - we simply must claim it, by our thoughts and attitudes, by what we desire for others.

As I am fond of saying, if you focus on desiring to be truly helpful and following your guidance (which will always be loving, supportive, or helpful in some way) rather than allowing your ego mind free reign, your happiness is guaranteed!

With love to all,


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