A helpful lesson from the violence at the United States Capitol!


Key Takeaways:

1) The January 6 demonstration can be a “graphic" of what our minds are like when filled with attack and fear thoughts.
2) Officer Goodman represents our own guidance/intuition that is always able to lead us to a life of peace and safety.
3) At every moment, we follow either our own inborn wisdom, or fear-based ego thoughts. Choose wisely!

The Attack Within Our Minds

I trust you are navigating our current collective life situation with the trust that all is truly well and moving in a healing direction. To support that perspective, a current event in the life of this country supplies a marvelous metaphor for our own lives. We all know about the demonstration on January 6 2021 at the United States Capitol Building. We’ve seen endless footage of all the attacks, anger, fear, and general mayhem on the part of all concerned. I would like to suggest that we let this be a picture of what our minds are like when we individually indulge in attack/defense, victimhood or villain, general ego-driven thoughts. My hope is that this analogy is such a graphic example, it can get our collective attention and encourage us all to choose better thoughts and beliefs to occupy our minds.

Getting Back To Safety

Officer Goodman represents our guidance, intuition, Right Mind. At the Capitol, right at the perfect time, he appeared and knew exactly where to go and what to do to lead those who were imperiled to safety. You notice no one stopped to ask the Officer if he knew what he was doing or where he was taking them. They simply followed, knowing that to do otherwise might have been fatal. Let’s all realize that our own inner guidance, our own resident “Officer Goodman” knows where and how to get us through our confusion and distress and on to safety so we can live the secure and happy life that is our birthright. (And - the birthright of every single person on the planet regardless of apparent differences.) We would be wise to follow it and not question. See how I couldn’t resist using this event as a metaphor! Tailor made to help us change our own minds.

Best wishes for a speedy change of mind!


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