All challenges have a hidden gift - be sure to accept it!


Key Takeaways

1)  Everyone has to deal with challenges throughout life
2)  These challenges are blessings in disguise as opportunities to release guilt
3)  Life is always better when we truly experience the exposed guilt-driven thoughts/emotions and “come out the other side”

All In This Together

We hear a lot these days about “being in this all together” and that certainly is true.  So let’s take a look at the “this” that we’re all in.  In a word, we all have challenges at various points in our lives. Everyone comes into this life with challenges to face and ideally overcome.  This is true of every single one of us, whether they be large or small, early or late in life, or throughout.  At a level we do not understand with our intellects, we set these up as part of our life experience.  (How we do that is beyond what we can delve into here, but we surely do.)

The Tiny Mad Idea

And what are these challenges?  They are the various conditions and circumstances that appear in our lives, sometime suddenly and sometimes we have foreknowledge of something coming.  What they all have in common is fear, upset, distress as the emotional component and the force driving that upset are beliefs, usually hidden, that we are harmful, we are guilty, we have permanently ruined or destroyed ourselves or others.  This is 100% false, but these unconscious beliefs are deeply imbedded and collectively make up the “tiny mad idea” at which we forgot to laugh, noted in A Course In Miracles.

The Opportunity

Each challenge is an opportunity to deal with, experience, allow, and heal an aspect of this guilt.  Mercifully, we don’t have to deal with it all at once.  Since life is always better after we have lived through and learned the lesson of each challenge, we can cultivate a spirit of acceptance when they appear.  I wouldn’t undo a single distressing major event in my life because of the priceless and healing awareness gained.  I hope you will also learn more and more to know there is a gift in each “learning opportunity” and you are being guided, loved, directed, and adored through the entire process.

Sending you every blessing,
Carol Howe


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