Drop your “weight belt” of resistance to ascend to the safety of peace


Key Takeaways

  1. Grievances make peace of mind as impossible as do circling sharks in tropical waters
  2. Release the “weight belt” of guilt and glide into safety
  3. Living a productive and happy life requires backing away from the judgments.

Holding Too Tight

Here’s a short and very graphic reminder about our need to let go of judgments, resistances, grievances and all that we have “tied to us.” Obviously, that is because what we tightly hold onto and pull close to us will result in an equivalent outer experience and we will very likely not be at all pleased with the result. And ignorance will not give us a pass. Do be fully reminded of cause and consequence as you listen to this story that harkens back to a scuba diving trip many years ago on our annual winter escape from the snow and cold of Colorado.

Choices & Consequences

This incident happened while we were in Belize where a young man, part of a group from up north but obviously without necessary guidance or training, decided he would practice his spear fishing and made a potentially lethal decision about how to handle his speared fish. Of all the choices open to him, he made the worst one - attaching the stringer with his speared fish to his weight belt right there in warm, tropical water, home to many living things including sharks. He survived and you can listen to find out how. The lesson for us is also to loosen the “weight belt” we wear made of all those judgments and grievances that can bring us to our own unwanted circumstances.

PS - He did not venture into the water for the reminder of his visit. We do not want to follow his choice and merely sit on the sidelines so open your heart, drop that burden, and jump into the adventure of life awaiting you!

Much love to all,


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